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Sunday, March 11, 2007

NTV7 The Breakfast Show is good for health

In order to thank me for that Playboy bunny I sent him for his birthday, Swifty has allowed me to publicize my TV appearance on his blog!

Well, this is my first TV appearance so I suppose you can watch it just to see me embarass myself. But hey, at least I embarassed myself on national TV!=.

-_- That just sounds so wrong.

Date: Monday, March 12
Time: I'll arrive in the studio at 8.30am, so it will probably start at 9am or later.
Channel : NTV7
Duration: 10 minutes
Venue: Television
Dress code: Pyjamas, or nothing at all (hey, you don't call it Breakfast Show for nothing)

And Swifty, please, please, please help me record this. I know asking a movie director to record an insignificant TV appearance is a little too much, but then I'll just send you another Playboy bunny to repay you back lor okay? Or maybe one of those people watching the TV naked...


  1. Er... but I don't have a VCR at home.

  2. Besides, you can ask the producers there to give you a copy if you want. I think my dad did the same (more to show the family than to keep for himself) when they had an interview with him years ago.

  3. Ok thanks Swifty! I'll try and ask them.

  4. Hope you got yourself a copy. Pretty interesting to see yourself attracting some haters after the TV show.

    You were kinda monotonous in the interview though, but maybe that's because I'm... well, the way I am. Hm.

  5. Okay Swifty, thanks for your honest comment. =) I will try to fix it, given there is another chance to appear on TV besides the one this Saturday which is in Malay.

    Thanks a million for waking up to record it!!!

  6. About the haters...I don't know why. Maybe they were jealous I did badly on TV :?

  7. No problem. Received your friend's email. You didn't receive a copy from NTV7?