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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back From TV Movie Production Shoot. Working On New Short Film!

Yup, I'm back after a week in Port Dickson for my assistant director gig.

Actually, I came back on Sunday evening, but was too lazy and obsessed with destroying super secret boss Yiazmat in Final Fantasy 12 tired to update the blog since then.

Went to the A'Famosa Resort with my mother too yesterday for a Buddhist conference. Surprised that the place was a resort, whenever I heard A'Famosa, I thought it was just the ruins of a once-mighty fort. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to local tourist attractions. After all, prior to the TV film shoot last week, I've never been to Port Dickson before either, and the place is less than two hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Sheesh.

There will be video diaries, of course.

By the way, I've finally decided to start work on my first short film since Girl Disconnected. It will be a love story set in contemporary Kuala Lumpur. I'm going to attempt something really close to the Jun-ai (pure, innocent love) trend (epitomized by Korean drama Winter Sonata, or the Japanese movie Crying Out Love Center Of The World, or the book/ movie/ j-drama Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu). Read more about Pure Love here and here. If they can pull this off in Japan and Korea, I'm pretty intrigued to try something like this that takes place in Malaysia.

The whole idea was conceived the night I came back from Port Dickson, when I was having dinner with my buddy Peng Shien, and the dude challenged me to doing something more mainstream, something that can be heart-wrenching and touch the hearts of wider audiences. He was probably thinking of something more similar to 80s-early 90s Taiwanese soap adapted from Taiwanese novelist Qiung Yao (man dies suddenly in a violent car accident, woman embraces him as he gasps his last words, he dies, a puddle of blood forms beneath them, she screams, tears mingle with blood... or girl suffers from heart problems, guy donates his heart to her, guy dies, guy lives in girl forever), I shuddered a little, but was intrigued to see what I can do with stories like that using my personal filmmaking style, hence, I started developing a story for this.

Obviously, I'm keeping the details under wraps.

Have contacted Ywenna of the Jazz group, RHAPSODY, to help me with the composing (I've used their songs for the opening and closing of my short film, VERTICAL DISTANCE), and also Grace (who played the rabbit fairy in GIRL DISCONNECTED, watch her in this clip, pics below) to be my main actress.

Production Photo 12 - Wiler and The Rabbit Watch The Ballerinas

Production Photo 11- The Rabbit Sees Poor Wiler

I might be reduced to a one-man film crew again though. But other than that, everything seems pretty promising.