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Monday, April 16, 2007

Film Students Spoofing David O' Russell's 'I HEART HUCKABEES' Flip Out

3 weeks ago, a video (below) of David O' Russell flipping out on Lily Tomlin at the set of I HEART HUCKABEES was leaked out and posted on Youtube:

The original

Until now, I'm not sure whether I should think of him as a badass, or an asshole, for doing something like that. I'm leaning more to the former, because I'm afraid that he'll fly all the way over to Malaysia to beat the crap out of me if I call him an asshole on this blog.

But that video did prompt me to watch my I HEART HUCKABEES DVD (that I bought during Chinese New Year), and I enjoyed it quite a lot (possibly even more than I enjoyed THREE KINGS), and with everyone looking so happy in it, I can't really tell the fact that David O. Russell was deliberately trying to keep tensions high on set.

Anyway, Sebastian had recently sent me two videos of his coursemates at the LA Film School re-enacting the now-famous incident. (read Sebastian's original post to know more details about the following videos)

I thought the second one with the German guy is funnier. Too bad the entire thing was planned beforehand, would've loved to see the directors actually flipping out on the other students without any prior warning.