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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Videoblogger Speaketh! - Interview With SURF! Magazine

SURF! Magazine had just published an interview with me about videoblogging, conducted via e-mail on February by fellow filmmaker Zan Azlee during my vacation at India.

S: Why videoblogging? Is it an extension of your interest in filmmaking?

EY: It definitely is. Videoblogging is a good exercise for me to try out some camera or editing techniques that I would use in my own films, keeps me from getting rusty.

I started doing both when I first got my camcorder before going to Perth back in 2004., of course, back then, I was videoblogging without even knowing what videoblogging was. All I did was shot anything I've seen during my days of studying abroad, then edit them together to show friends and family. My grandmother loved it!

I didn’t really integrate my these videos onto my blog until the rise of video-sharing sites like Youtube and vSocial during late 2005.

In addition to that, I think posting videos of the things I've seen, instead of trying my hardest to find words to describe said experiences, are easier to bring viewers closer to me, as if they are experiencing everything with me.

S: What is required to videoblog?

EY: Most people use mobile phones and webcams for videoblogging, I personally carry a broken camcorder around for filming. I think anyone can videoblog these days, unfortunately, due to the fact that I am not a beautiful young woman and am somewhat camera-shy, I belong to the rare genre of videobloggers who spend more time behind the camera than in front of it.

S: Do you have a fan club?

EY: Yes, my fan club is filled with beautiful women who send me glowing praises and declarations of eternal love daily. Unfortunately, this is only in my fantasy. In reality, no.

You can buy SURF! MAGAZINE at bookshops.

Surf Magazine Cover

I've scanned the entire interview if you want to read it.

Surf Magazine Interview 1

Surf Magazine Interview 2