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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rum of Heartsdales. Hot!

Rum of Heartsdales

"I ride boys like a motorcycle."

There's an interview about her and her sister here.


  1. You changed my subject line! Was this for promotion purposes?

  2. Obviously.

    Thus the chances of people finding your post by typing 'Heartsdale' MIGHT be higher, instead of only hoping to have someone find this by typing 'Shake Your Uh-Uh'.

    Although I was actually thinking of changing the subject line to Heartsdale: Shake Your Uh-Uh or something.

  3. BTW: To me, Jewels is hotter.

  4. Yeah, she sort of is. I like Rum though. Her fucking NAME is RUM!

  5. Of course, but Jewels' performance in that music video you posted negated everything that's cool about Rum.

    Omfg... Jewels...

  6. For real, how can you beat a name like "Rum"? Rum > Jewel. Jewel is too moody. I like happy songs and being ridden like a motorcyle.

    I think for my next girl group, I will whip out a dictionary and give my artistes random nouns as names. My bassist is Bangle, my drummer is Vodka, my tambourine girl is Mussel and my lead singer is Chromium.

  7. It's also unfortunate that there's another singer called Jewel around.

    But anyway, where the hell did that motorcycle quote come from? Was expecting it to be in the interview.

  8. Listen very closely to the video, the quote is actually from that song.

  9. Oh.

    I was too busy wiping drool off from my mouth at the sight of Jewels to really notice.