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Friday, June 08, 2007

Photos From The 'Fine Dining' TV Production Shoot. Babes Galore!

I received a phone call two nights ago from Kannan (director of the TV movie I worked on), asking whether I could fill in for him at the production shoot of the upcoming TV dining show 'Fine Dining'. It was a pretty simple job, so I went.

The director of the show is Woo Ming Jin, whom I know through Kannan (we went to see Mukhsin together). We had to do two segments yesterday (meaning, two different locations), here are some photos I've taken.

At MEZZA NOTTE, an Italian restaurant + Jazz bar:

Hostess Fay with Jit Murad and Zahim Albakri
Hostess Fay with guests Jit Murad (read about him here) and Zahim Albakri

Fay and her 2 guests taking photos with a waitress at Mezza Notte
Fay and her 2 guests taking photos with a waitress at Mezza Notte

Director Woo Ming Jin in Action
Director Woo Ming Jin (the one standing) in action

Italian Chef Max demonstrating to Fay
Italian Chef Max showing Fay how to make Salmon Tartare

The most wonderful thing about doing a dining show is that... you get FREE (and DELICIOUS!!!!) food! Here's what I had for lunch:

Free food from Mezza Notte

Free food from Mezza Notte 2

Unfortunately, bad news came while we were eating. Like all productions, we ran into a couple of unpredictable problems, in this case, we lost one of the guests for the next segment (the other guest is actress and beauty queen Zoe Tan)!

The director and the production manager started making numerous phone calls, hoping to find someone who could fill in as a guest. Carmen Soo was busy. Ditto with Amber Chia. The rest couldn't come in such short notice (they were supposed to come in two hours for the next segment).

Ming Jin said that it wasn't compulsory to have a celebrity as a guest, just someone pretty enough on camera, and not shy enough to speak out.

So I started to think of people I know who aren't afraid of the camera, and I only had a couple of choices. One of them being Grace, who played the Rabbit Fairy in my last short film, GIRL DISCONNECTED (watch her in this short preview), and will be the lead actress in my upcoming short film RED BEAN SOUP (tentative title).

Grace happened to be nearby, so she could go to the Al-Nafourah restaurant in Meridian Hotel, a restaurant that specializes in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food.

Here are photos from the second segment shot in Al-Nafourah:

Make-up artist working on Grace
The make-up artist working on Grace

Grace undergoing a make-over
Make-up artist fixing Grace's hair

Grace, prior to shoot
Grace, with Fay in the background

Hostess Fay interviewing Lebanese Chef Ibrahim
Hostess Fay interviewing Lebanese Chef Ibrahim

Grace, listening to director Woo Ming Jin
Grace listening to instructions from the director

Hostess Fay and her two guests, during food tasting
Hostess Fay and her two guests, Grace and actress Zoe Tan, during food-tasting

Hostess Fay with Grace and actress Zoe Tan
Make-up artist Shin, taking photo with Fay, Zoe Tan and Grace

And yes, after the shoot, we had great food for dinner too.