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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Speedlinking: Dark City TV Series Controversy?

I plugged the local Malay-language TV series DARK CITY aired every Wednesday night in my previous post two days ago, but also mused whether Xeus, mastermind behind the anthology horror book of the same title had anything to do with it as she was approached months ago by a production company asking for a collaboration (of sorts), which she declined. She never mentioned anything about it since then.

I got the answer to my question yesterday. Xeus had nothing to do with this TV series at all, and was upset that the title was used without her knowledge. The following links are some reactions to this whole deal.

1) Bibliobibuli: Stolen City?
Even though DARK CITY is a common title, my homegirl Sharon Bakar pointed out why using the title for the TV series will leave a nasty taste in Xeus' mouth.

2) Ted's Thoughts: Review the Dark City TV Series!
Teddybear Mahsun (his wife is so going to smack me for calling him that) is telling everyone my offer to link any posts of the DARK CITY TV series, be it positive, negative or just a one-worder. He himself had chosen to boycott the show (... though he doesn't have a TV), but to still plug my offer like that is a testament to his niceness. Thanks, man.

"WHAT? JUST TWO LINKS?" You ask. Well... er, yeah. But mind you, both of the above DARK CITY-related entries (including mine) have sparked numerous interesting comments worth reading. The links above will tell only 50% of the story, you NEED to read the rest to know what's going on. Considering that Xeus herself had left her thoughts in both Sharon and Ted's blog entry (... but not mine *sigh*) regarding this whole issue.

Anyway, wait for my merciless dissection of tonight's episode directed by Tony Pietra once I've watched it.