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Monday, October 29, 2007

Taipei 101, The Tallest Building In The World (... for now)

Visited Taipei 101, the tallest COMPLETED building in the world today.

Entrance to Taipei 101
Parents + Uncle Beau entering Taipei 101

The base of the tower is a shopping mall (just like KLCC and the Petronas Towers).

Inside Taipei 101
Taipei 101 Mall

Around the Taipei 101 are many other shopping malls, and they are all connected by bridges like the one below.

Bridge from Taipei 101 to other malls

Closest to Taipei 101 is the New York New York shopping mall.

New York New York mall
New York New York shopping mall

While crossing the bridge, I tried to take a photo of the Taipei 101...

Failed attempt to photograph Taipei 101

Was a failed attempt, I think.

I then ended up at the Vieshow Cinema Complex, dad, Uncle Beau and I each bought a ticket for a different film to see in the cinemas. Dad went for THE KINGDOM, Uncle Beau went for the (UNCENSORED, SEX SCENES-FILLED) LUST, CAUTION and I went for a little Japanese film called RAINBOW SONG, produced by my hero, Shunji Iwai.

While waiting for the film, I had the very interesting mango ice-cream with beancurd at the food court next to the cinema.

Mango Ice-Cream + Beancurd

I also saw a street performer performing:

Street performer

Street performer 2

Many were watching her:

Audiences watching the street performer

The last rays of sunlight were fading off when the film ended, so I quickly snapped another photo of Taipei 101.

A more successful attempt to photograph Taipei 101

I like this more.

Meanwhile, the Vieshow Cinema Complex (or rather, half of it) looks like this.

Vieshow Cinema Complex

An obligatory night photo.

Cars near shopping malls at night

And an obligatory dinner photo (requested by annna).


Ate at a simple restaurant near the hotel recommended by the nice receptionists. It's NOT a posh-looking restaurant like DING TAI FENG or DI SHUI LOU that I visited during my second and third night in Taipei, but we had similar dishes, and quality's comparable, and best of all, it's half the price of the former two.

Too bad it doesn't have cute-looking, miniskirts-wearing waitresses similar to Ding Tai Feng's.