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Sunday, December 16, 2007

My mom has an iPhone!!

I was in the middle of my beauty nap just now when I was awakened by mom and dad's conversation. Mom was showing dad a 'new little gadget' where 'she can check emails from her Hotmail account' and 'also many other things'.

Then noticing that I was awake, she showed it to me, telling me that she had just received an email from an acquaintance in China. Drowsily, I read the email, and tried to press some buttons on the side of the sleek-looking black 'gadget'.

"No, it's touchscreen!" Mom said, demonstrating.

Drowsily, I followed what she did to read the rest of the email.

"What's that?" Dad asked.

"It's like an iPod, but you can check emails too. And listen to music, and many things." Mom explained.

Still feeling rather drowsy, I walked into my room (I was napping at the study room in front of my laptop), and into the toilet.

Mom and dad continued talking.

"You know what? I think you need this too." Mom said.

"Hmmm." Dad replied.

"I'll get one for you during your birthday." Mom said.

"I don't need it." Dad said.

I closed the toilet door and went on with business.

When I walked out again, mom asked me to come over and help her check whether the list of phone numbers was on the 'gadget'.

I looked at the screen.

The thing loaded, just a list of MP3s.

"Hm. It's an iTunes store." I said dismissively, still NOT knowing that I was holding an iPhone.

Then I returned to my laptop, and started checking my downloads. Pretty good speed.

"Hey, give me a call now, I want to see whether the phone ring is loud enough." Mom said.

Absently, I pressed her numbers on my mobile and called.

The gadget started ringing.

What the-

I looked up and stared at the gadget.

"It's not loud enough." Mom frowned. "Need to choose another sound."

I looked at the black box beside her. It read:


"When did you get this?" I asked, suddenly rather excited.

Yes, I've seen photos of the iPhone everywhere, on magazines, on websites, but it never occurred to me that I would actually have one IN MY HOUSE.

(Besides, my beauty nap had dulled my senses)

"Few weeks ago, in Singapore." Mom said. "Your sister said that it's too high tech and complicated to use, so I'm using it instead. I've already forgotten about it until I found it in the closet just now."

HOLY CRAP, MY MOMMA HAS AN IPHONE??????? I exclaimed soundlessly.

Mom continued fiddling with it.

Dad remained indifferent, typing on his laptop.

Me, I immediately went to blogger.com and started to write...