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Friday, January 04, 2008


Knew that I have to kick things into gear as soon as possible if I really wanted my new short film, CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY to happen, so I've begun my attempts of casting.

Made a phone call to Nikki of Da Huang last night pleading for help to spread the news about the casting, and then posted a notice at Kakiseni.com and the Malaysian Cinema mailing list this morning. Here's the notice:

Heya, doing a casting for a (mostly) mandarin-language short film.
It's a family comedy presented like a detective film involving a
child investigating a tragic mystery.

Here are the bigger roles I'm casting for (they speak Mandarin):

MOM: Main role. In her 30s. Pretty, mysterious and manipulative, but
can be silly and klutzy too (in front of husband). A career woman who
sucks at cooking, but has a secret that her son wants to investigate.

DAD: In his 30s. Happy-go-lucky guy. White-collar worker. Remains
loving and coaxing even though he had suffer his wife's horrible food
every night for 12 years. Hangs out with son a lot. Comic relief.

Following are some smaller roles i'm casting for as well (they appear
in interview/interrogation scenes):

1ST UNCLE: Mom's elder brother. Can be in 40s. Macho but sensitive.
Speaks Chinese dialect.

2ND UNCLE: Mom's younger brother. In his 30s. Nerdy and cultured,
speaks English... or tries to.

3RD 'AUNTIE': A beautiful woman with a secret. Late 20s, early 30s.

If interested, please email me your photo and resume, then we can
arrange a screen test. Otherwise, you can also just email me for enquiry.

Intend to shoot the film on late Jan/ early Feb. Shooting will last
2-3 days. Locations are mostly at Paramount Garden, PJ.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.

So yeah, if you're interested in acting in this film, and happen to fit the criteria above, please email me your resume.

I already have someone in mind for the child protagonist's role. (Hint: A local independent film he's in is showing at the cinemas right now) Hope I can get his help, though for now, I'm more worried with casting the roles mentioned above.

Also in the midst of seeking services from musicians to appear in the film.

The screenplay isn't entirely complete. I still want to fix the last few scenes of the film. Hadn't made much progress. Argh. Writing endings isn't one of my strong points. Will continue my attempts to crack the damned thing. Perhaps It's my turn to watch some noir films.

Going back to Ipoh again tomorrow to visit grandma (in stable condition, but suffers from even more memory loss, sometimes can't recognize my uncles)