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Sunday, February 17, 2008

OMFG! KURUS is showing TONIGHT! (17th of Feb, 2008)

Okay, the NTV7 person probably made a mistake when she told us that KURUS will be showing on the 24th of February.

In fact, based on today's newspapers, KURUS will most probably air at NTV7 on the 17th of Feb, 10:45pm. Yes, that's TONIGHT!!!!!!

So please please PLEASE watch it!!!

Here are the trailers (again):

Tell your friends to watch it, and tell your friends to tell their friends to watch it, and then tell your friend's friends to tell THEIR friends to watch it etc etc.


  1. Hah! I know why the real reason Ali's dad was poor. He kept buying Ali new bicycles. I spotted at least three different bicycles that Ali used.

  2. Of course ler, want to fight with Oscar night on the 24th issit?

    (Above comment doesn't make any sense. Swifty would know.)

  3. Ted: Hmm... I could've sworn that we used only one bike for the shoot. Damn continuity errors.

    Maybe, ah, Ali's dad merely bought him spraycans to repaint the bikes all the time!

    Seb: Your Oscar night is a Monday morning for us.

  4. no la ali only used ONE bike. cept the fantasy sequence at the end, where he got a better bike.

    but we put a seat on the back of ali's bike halfway so that carmen can sit behind.

  5. we dont make continuity errors like this. swifty you should know since you were there we rented that bike the entire shoot. dont just sway with any wind that blows.

  6. Hey Ming Jin, I congratulate you on a movie well done. I really enjoyed it. Good acting, writing, directing and editing. Well done.

    Oh and Swifty, the three versions of the bicycles that I noticed (take note, I'm only recalling from memory here...) was the original bicycle with no carrier, a bicycle with a carrier used to carry Carmen *and* his friend, as well as a bicycle that appeared near the end which I remember was purple (could've been filtered though, I dunno) and not only had a carrier... it also had a front basket :D

    But you know I'm just assing with you. I liked the movie. A lot.

  7. mj knows poetry too? woah!

  8. hey!i hafnt seen it yet ;( can't u not watch dis movie online?(cos i'm not in msia ;( )

  9. Unfortunately, no. Being a television movie, NTV7, the TV station, owns it instead of us.

    Let's just see whether it'll get any festival life.