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Sunday, April 13, 2008

CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY Chosen For BMW Shorties' Top 10

Mom (Kimmy Kiew) and Mysterious Handsome Man (James Lee)

On the 21st of March last month, right after I returned from the Hong Kong Film Festival, I immediately submitted a rough cut version of CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY, my latest short film, to BMW Shorties. I needed to beat the deadline, so I didn't have the time to really fix the short film as much as I would've liked.

That version, being a rough cut, was obviously flawed, the pacing was off, I used some wrong takes, the majority of the film hadn't had its soundtrack, it didn't flow that well!

(I didn't really reach the final cut of the film until last week, yes, I brought the film over to edit in Tokyo)

So I was pleasantly surprised, and very flattered, when I received an email from the organizers of the competition informing me that CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY had made it to the Top 10 of BMW Shorties. All these while, the poor things tried calling my mobile phone and home phone in Malaysia, and only through the latter did they know that I've left the country!

Frankly, I really wasn't expecting this (I'll be delusional if I seriously thought that a rough cut of a film would stand a chance in this competition), so I'm quite happy with this.

Now, the kicker is that I need to record a 30-second video to introduce the film and explain what is it about just so it'll be uploaded on the BMW Shorties site for people's choice online voting.

So I'm staring blankly at my camcorder, wondering what to say to it. I wish I have a beautiful female Japanese interviewer asking me questions about the film so that it can make things much easier for me.

Satomi Ishihara

Mm... yes.

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