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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cute Akihabara Nurse

Went to Akihabara in the evening. Got myself a laptop computer cooling pad, a USB-operated mini vacuum and table fan from the awesome Yodobashi Camera shopping mall. (didn't know about the place until today)

Before that, right when I stepped out of the train station, I saw many people taking photos with a girl in a nurse outfit, so I did the same:

Akihabara Nurse


  1. Baka!!

    What is the point of this entry???

  2. A firsthand account of day-to-day Japanese life.

  3. I think she's really a nurse, not cosplay.

  4. Heh, how can you be so sure :D?

    Basically, I took photos with her, and there's this other guy beside her who pointed at some words written on his shirt, supposedly some address, or some event that they might be promoting. Unless... it's really some blood donation drive or something.