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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visiting Tokyo Tower

Yesterday was Showa Memorial Day, so I went to visit Tokyo Tower with some friends.

My camcorder and my digital camera can never co-exist, if I bring only my camera, I am more likely to take some good photos, but when I'm busy shooting with my camcorder, the quality of the photos from my camera tend to suffer.

I was very surprised that only 20% of the photos I took yesterday were presentable. My camera is useless in taking night photos (it's an old Canon PC1226). Almost everything I took were blurry. Should have brought my mini-tripod.

Anyway, here are the photos:

Taken while we were on the way to the tower.

Heading To Tokyo Tower

Heading To Tokyo Tower 2

Heading to Tokyo Tower 3

It looks somewhat majestic from close. But then, I've actually been to Tokyo Tower twice before, the last visit was 6 years ago though.

As we reached the top of the tower, the sun was about to set, and I managed to grab some shots of Tokyo during the 'magic hour'.

View From Top Of Tokyo Tower

View From Top Of Tokyo Tower 2

View from top of Tokyo Tower 3

The only photo of me and the rest of the people who went to Tokyo Tower with me. I just realized that I've acquired a sexy Louis Koo-esque tan. Or maybe it just happened that the others have fair skin. The guy next to me and the chick in the center are both from Hong Kong. The dude in black and the chick whose face is partially covered are both Taiwanese who have migrated to US, the rest of the girls are from Mainland China.

Me and the rest of the people in Tokyo Tower

And here it is, my one and only photo of Tokyo at night that isn't (too) blurry.

Night View From The Top Of Tokyo Tower

Tried to take photos of Tokyo Tower at night. Didn't work too well.

Tokyo Tower At Night

Tokyo Tower At Night 2

Video of this visit will be up. Soon.