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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

EVERYiBODi LAFU ROJAKS has a post on CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY (... and of course, Suanie's awards-worthy performance)

Memories of the Legendary Chicken Rice

The great Wingz at EVERYiBODi LAFU ROJAKS has posted a blog entry about CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY.

This is how Suan roll eyes .... see see? she got talent or what??!!! just this pose alone can win oscar ledi!!! if she roll eye lidat to me on the spot i can climax sial!

Well said, bro. I agree with everything. Er, almost everything except for the climax part. Go check out his entry now.

So, we're just two days away from BMW Shorties' results announcement. They will be having a gala premiere that I myself obviously cannot attend. But I'm most likely going to have Lesly the Cinematographer representing me on that night. I know Kimmy and Suanie are going too, which means that I have two cast members of the film there, and my parents too, if they can make it.

It had been amazing in the past month to learn that so many have enjoyed the film. Friends and relatives of mine. Friends and relatives of my cast and crew. Dear friends of the blogosphere, old primary and high school mates, people I know online, or even strangers. It's not as if I suddenly chose to 'sell out' and 'conform' to make something for mass consumption. I didn't dumb the script down, I didn't write or make a movie I myself was disgusted with. So the reactions I've gotten feel really remarkable for a guy who has gotten used to, in the past 2 years, to have people (mostly friends and relatives, believe) tell him that they don't 'get' or 'understand' his artsy fartsy films.

And even the Japanese liked it too!

It sound as if this is the end of a journey, but it really isn't. I have believed that the selection of Chicken Rice Mystery, a product of hard work from many people, is already a victory. The appreciation and support from its audiences an even greater one. So regardless of the BMW Shorties results, I don't believe that there's any losing for the film. What more do I have to ask for anyway?

After that, Chicken Rice Mystery will begin its trip to the foreign film festivals. Therefore, this is really just the beginning.

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