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Friday, May 23, 2008

I dreamt that Manchester United lost and thought it was real.

I follow football news casually (the NBA is still my thing), so yesterday morning, I woke up to check the livescore of the European Cup finals. Game had reached overtime, but still a draw between Man U and Chelsea. As I stared at the live updates, I somehow fell asleep again without noticing and saw vividly that the score had become 2-1 after Michael Ballack scored one more and was named as Man of the Match (huh?).

Feeling a slight twinge of disappointment as I woke up, I went to uni for my Japanese class, and told a Chinese classmate that Man U had lost the match. She wasn't too happy either.

Then I went home, signed on to MSN, saw numerous people having 'MAN U!!!!!' and 'MAN U!!! EUROPEAN CHAMPS!!!' and 'MAN U FOREVER!!!!' etc. on their display messages, for a few seconds I wondered whether grief had driven them to denial. Then I went to Yahoo Sports, and realized that I've dreamt of Man U losing.