Ted Mahsun Writes About CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY

Shooting at a coffeeshop

Noted book reviewer and Swiftybuddy Ted Mahsun had posted about CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY.

Combining elements of noir and several bits of comedy, which to me is very reminiscent of Chow Sing Chi's work in the Nineties, Chicken Rice Mystery is about a boy whose mother used to make really good chicken rice, a dish that everyone in the family remembers with great fondness.

I think he's the first person to note the Stephen Chow Sing Chi influences. That was exactly what I was aiming for when writing the script. The occasional 'mo lei tao' humour, the tranny appearance, the ridiculous plot, the even more ridiculous resolution etc. I was definitely thinking of GOD OF COOKERY and KING OF COMEDY (I think I actually like these two films more than his later special effects-heavy blockbusters like SHAOLIN SOCCER and KUNG FU HUSTLE) when preparing the film.

Once again, CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY can be viewed at the BMW Shorties website. Click the VOTE NOW button, search for the last thumbnail.

The BMW Shorties results will be announced tomorrow, but like I said, this won't be the last you'll hear of the film.

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