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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[VIDEO] All-you-can-eat 'shabu-shabu' with Ai and Iyo at Shibuya

All-you-can-eat 'shabu-shabu' with Ai and Iyo at Shibuya

This video was shot on the 8th of May, during the last day of Golden Week. I was at Shibuya to have an awesome all-you-can-eat 'shabu-shabu' with two old friends of mine, Ai and Iyo (whom I knew back from my Murdoch days in Perth). I've met Ai the week I came to Tokyo, but I haven't seen Iyo for more than two years, so seeing her again was a joy.

Unlike most of my previous videos, this one isn't tampered with much, no hardcore editing, nor background music. Just diegetic sound, gives you guys a better 'you are there' feeling of Shibuya.


  1. mate.. I want to go there!!!!!!!!!

  2. How come you never said a word?

  3. Julianator: Heh, so do I, for another visit, a little costly though.

    Arshana: Well... I generally don't speak when I'm shooting. I don't like my recorded voice much.

  4. Hey man I know you!

    do you know me?

    nice girls...

    The Secret