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Friday, June 27, 2008

Catching the sunset in Odaiba, and seeing Japan's Statue of Liberty

It's difficult to see the sunset in Tokyo, so I decided to go to Odaiba (an artificial island in Tokyo Bay) today to do that instead after a few recommendations from friends.

Then I took a Yurikamome train to Daiba.


First place I went to was Aqua City, a Venice-themed shopping mall. A photo exhibition was held there, in fact, they were photos of nature from Malaysian children organized by Sony Malaysia. I vaguely remember reading about this event on The Star few months ago.

On top of Aqua City is a shrine.

Aqua City Odaiba Shrine, a shrine on top of a shopping mall

I wasn't expecting to see a shrine on top of a shopping mall.

Then I made my way to the Fuji Television Office just opposite the shopping mall.

Fuji TV Office

It's one cool-looking building. In fact, when I'm in Daiba, I felt that I was in a Steampunk story.

Fuji TV Office is a badass-looking building

Fuji TV Office has some crazy designs

The observation globe of Fuji TV office

The observation globe of Fuji TV office can be accessed by all visitors for 500 yen.

I didn't bother to go, I chose only to go to the 24th floor, which is the second highest floor of the building. And everyone can go there for free.

Looking out of the glass panes, the observation globe looks like this:

View of the Fuji TV observation globe from the 2nd highest floor of the building

And here's the famous Odaiba ferris wheel.

Odaiba Ferris Wheel, viewed form the 2nd highest floor of Fuji TV office

Then I took a brief tour around the office. A couple of stuff were being displayed, like the posters and info of their current doramas. So here we have CHANGE and ZETTAI KARESHI (I'm pissed that I missed the last episode on Tuesday :( )

FUJI TV's dorama posters on display

So I pass through the exhibition corridor.

A tour through Fuji TV's office

From a FUJI TV variety show, I think

Interesting stuff. After I left the building, I headed to the beach to prepare myself for the sunset.

Did I actually go all the way there to view the sunset by myself? Do I really have such a romantic and poetic soul? Maybe, but I was actually there to shoot shots of sunset for my new short film using the DVX (same as the one used for CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY) I borrowed from uni.

Waiting for the sunset at Odaiba

Unfortunately, it was (suddenly) really cloudy in the evening, and the sun was hidden behind the clouds, it was rather frustrating.

I was kinda pissed. I liked the view, but why the heck can't I see the motherflippin' sun?

Yet miraculously, for just a brief minute, the evening sun sneaked out from its hiding place and allow me to capture it in its glory. I swore loudly in sheer happiness, attracting glances from a Chinese couple nearby (who were also watching the sunset).

Finally seeing the sun, briefly, at Odaiba

Finishing my mission, I made my way back to the front of Aqua City, and realized that they were going to have a marathon. Lots of people were gathered there.

Odaiba Marathon

Odaiba Marathon 2

Odaiba Marathon 3

A marathon held at 7:30pm? Interesting.

This is Aqua City. And behind it, the Fuji TV office.

Aqua City and Fuji TV Office

They both look more beautiful when night comes.

And this is the famed Rainbow Bridge that connects Odaiba to the rest of Tokyo.

Rainbow Bridge

Do you know that Tokyo actually has its own Statue of Liberty? I didn't, until I researched about Odaiba last night.

The replica of Statue of Liberty stands just in front of Aqua City as well. Naturally, craploads of people were taking photos in front of it.

Odaiba's Statue of Liberty

Odaiba's Statue of Liberty and the Rainbow Bridge

Without the Rainbow Bridge in the background, you would've thought that it's the real Statue of Liberty when you look at the photo.

And finally, a photo of myself with the Statue of Liberty behind me.

Myself, in front of Odaiba's Statue of Liberty (27/6/08)

I've lost 8kg since I came to Tokyo, hence handsomer albeit slightly haggard due to lack of sleep in the past few nights and an exhausting day. (It's tiring carrying a not-too-light camera like DVX around)

Now, back to editing.