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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Final Fantasy 6 FANDUB!!!

My love affair with Final Fantasy games started 14 years ago, the first game that got me into it was Final Fantasy VI (known to me as Final Fantasy 3 then). I first borrowed the Japanese version of the game from a schoolmate, loved it, and then I received the English version from dad as my birthday gift, I was totally giddy with joy. Before the days of Playstation, where pirated games can be bought for 5 ringgit each, each game then was precious to me. I ended up only having around 10 games for my Super Nintendo because each game was so insanely expensive, and most of these 10 games I had were the classics: Mario Kart, Secret of Mana, Super Metroid, Twinbee, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6 etc.

Yet Final Fantasy 6 was special to me. I lived and breathed it. Its soundtrack (still the best, in my opinion) was constantly playing on my CD player. I named characters after people I know to immerse myself even more into the world. It's the only Final Fantasy game to date (yes, I've played and completed all FF games that came out since then except the MMORPG FF11) that I play through more than once.

So when I stumbled upon this gem on Youtube late last night, I could barely contain my giggly giddying glee. Immediately, I sent the link to Justin, asking him to watch it. On my MSN list, aside from my little sister, he was the only one who had played the game, the only one who, like me, grew up with FF6.

Apparently, this guy, fleetingsight, had started a fandub project for the game recently. So we now get to watch the entire game, but with voice-acting! It's pretty amusing to hear voice-acting in such an old-school RPG, and nostalgic too. (Final Fantasy games didn't have voice-acting until they came to PS2, beginning with FF10) Before that, it was all about myself imagining what kind of voices these characters have. Fleetingsight had been churning out each episode of the series rather swiftly (9 so far in the past month) Each episode clocks around 9 minutes and is heavily edited, so you don't have to worry about sitting through the entire game, including the random battle and (most of the) dungeon crawling parts

Most of the voice-acting's pretty good, especially Kefka and Edgar's (I lost my shit when I first heard his Brit accent, I never thought that Edgar would have a British accent). I want to see more international flavour among the Final Fantasy 6 characters, Setzer should have a French accent (or Italian?), Strago and Relm should sound Spanish, Emperor Gestahl should sound Japanese etc. etc.

Would be cool too if sounds of grunting, shouting and cursing ("HAIYAH!" "FIREEEE!" "OW!!") were added during the battle scenes in future episodes.

Obviously, this is best watched by people who have played FF6 before.

Here are the first four parts of Episode 1.

Check out the rest of the series here. It gets progressively better.


  1. ooh if u made a malaysian version, who would play terra or celes?

    and u even had twinbee!!! brilliant!

  2. Well, I'll get someone who sounds like Megumi Hayashibara (in Rei Ayanami-mode, not Lina Inverse or Faye Valentine-mode) for Terra. I was always given the impression that Terra sounds like Rei.

    Celes has to be a hell of a singer so she can pull off the opera scenes.

    Twin Bee is so ridiculously beautiful! I just don't understand why Konami didn't continue with the series. (they did release a PSP compilation last year, but the last actual Twin Bee game was for Twin Bee RPG, came out in 1998 for PS1 according to Wikipedia)

  3. 1) I'm on your MSN list too, jerk.
    2) This is a hilarious project.
    3) Setzer had a voice actor in Kingdom Hearts II.

  4. 1) No you're not. :( Maybe you added me and I didn't add you. Pop me a message next time you see me on MSN.

    3) Setzer's KH2 appearance was too brief (didn't help that I beat him so quickly too, hoh!). I've actually forgotten about it until you mention it. I think he should have an Italian accent. Gabbiani sounds Italian. I might be wrong though.

  5. "I lost my shit when I first heard his Brit accent, I never thought that Edgar would have a British accent"

    Well I AM British by birth so no major surprises there. :)

    Also we should be restarting it soon. FS sent me an email asking for some recorded dialogue so more episodes should be on their way eventually.