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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chicken Rice For The Win - Interview with The Malay Mail

Last week, I did an email interview with Gabey Goh of The Malay Mail. The article, Chicken Rice For The Win, came out on the newspapers yesterday, but it's online now! I talk about filmmaking and blogging.


Or you can just scroll down and read the interview below:

Chicken Rice For The Win (Malay Mail Article 6th of August, 2008)

The whole blogosphere amazes me because it creates a two-way relationship between the blogger and the viewers. Reading a blog post is just half of the fun; it's the reactions and comments from visitors that add so many more layers to the initial discussion. In the end, blogging is like a jamming session between all parties.

It also helped to fulfill the Warholian ideal of making some people famous for being famous.