Liveblogging the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

The ceremony was spectacular. But I wasn't very coherent.

(Start from the bottom)

Liveblogging the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony 2
Liveblogging the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

(Some really awesome photos of the Opening Ceremony at Too bad they don't have the one where Li Ning lit up the Olympic Torch. That one gave me the goosebumps)


  1. Hilarious. Better than watching the ceremony itself. So long.

    I think Zhang Yimou did a better job than Spielberg would have.

  2. Well, Spielberg was just an advisor. But I agree, if their roles were switched, no way in hell Spielberg could bring out so much of the Chinese culture and tradition for display during the ceremony. It HAS to be done by the country's own, and when it comes to visual spectacle, Yimou's seriously incomparable in China (sorry, Chen Kaige).

  3. this is awesome. should make it into a short film.

    As for me, I came back quite late at night after to read the news late in the day...

  4. Aw, what a pity. You'll probably be able to catch it on Youtube now though.

    As for this, you're right, it should be an experimental short film, a solo performance by a cute Japanese girl who tries to imitate everything that happened in the ceremony, while shrieking excitedly the lines that I wrote on Twitter.

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  6. It was spectacular indeed. I like how they arrange the countries of appearance in the parade by the number of bush strokes of their Chinese names rather than usual English alphabet.

  7. Don: Nice blog. I don't mind you linking to me, really.

    Adee: YES! And I was totally confused about the ordering until I read it on the news today.

  8. P.S. Japanese flag-bearer Ai Fukuhara goes to the same uni as I, Waseda.


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