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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Things to do when I return to Malaysia on the 3rd of September

I'm going back to Malaysia next Wednesday, but I'm only going to be back for 16 days. I haven't been updating the blog much this week because I've been doing some preparations for my return, along with some last-minute shopping as well.

I intend to shoot a short film (tentatively titled 'POSTCARD AND BALLOONS') when I come back, that's why I've been spending most of the past week sitting in cafes, writing my script. Initially, I was doing my writing at the Starbucks in either Shibuya or Shinjuku, but realized that going to either of these two places take away too much of my time, especially since it's been raining everyday, so I've shifted to the uni cafe instead. It's been great, I actually finished the first draft of my new script yesterday, and I'm hoping to get Kimmy to act again since our collaboration in CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY had been so successful. :D

Memories of the Legendary Chicken Rice

(Kimmy with Lesly the Cinematographer after winning the BEST ACTING award for her role in CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY at BMW Shorties in May)

But her role in the new one will be vastly different.

The script wasn't the easiest to write, so I had to take breaks between it, and while I did, I actually managed to churn out a 400-word short story, titled 'NON-FICTION' few days ago. Here's an excerpt:

By Edmund Yeo

“I am a documentary filmmaker. I practice the truest and purest form of craft. I strip away the artificial layers of contemporary society to expose the administration’s hypocrisy, all to liberate humanity from the shackles of mental slavery.” Daim the documentary filmmaker said.

Clap. Clap. Clap.
Cheer. Applause. Unbridled excitement.

A small crowd of people gathered before him. Some wept openly, realizing the veil of illusion that had clouded their eyes for years had miraculously been lifted. They have achieved Enlightenment. Their perception now free from political manipulation, they cease being another faceless, thoughtless cog of an oppressive machination.

It was all because they saw his documentary. Ninety glorious minutes that tackled issues of feminism, sexism, racism, nationalism, patriotism and other –isms.

That's less than half of it. You'll see the whole thing someday.

Frankly, the past few two weeks had been rather amazing for me when it comes to creative writing. But because I feel so drained after writing other stuff, it's a little hard for me to update the blog.

Anyway, my time in Malaysia will be rather short, yet there's a list of things I have to do when I return.

  • Shoot the short film I mentioned above.
  • Have more mamak stall sessions with buddies.

    satomi ishihara 石原さとみ
  • Make a point to meet long-lost friends from uni or high school too.

    Aoi Yu, Yamada Yu and Kaho
  • Catch numerous films in theaters. Especially Wall-E (otherwise will have to wait until Xmas to watch it in Tokyo!)

  • There are possibly two TV shows I may want to get off the ground. See how it goes. I'll pray that both will happen.

    satomi ishihara 石原さとみ
  • Ming Jin and I had been selected to pitch a new project at TIFFCOM. Gotta prepare for that as well.
  • Put together the 'ultimate version' of THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA for DVD. But I'm hoping we can have a Singapore theatrical release before that too. (BTW: THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA will be playing in Cathay Cineleisure until next Wednesday, don't miss it!)

  • I'll also be heading off to Singapore for 2-3 days. From Sept 12 to 14. Celebrating sister's birthday.

So... yeah, going to be quite a hectic 16 days.