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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The view from my plane

Finally reached Malaysia last night.

My plane was 10am, but if you follow my Twitter, you'll know that I decided to go to Narita Airport the night before and slept there. I didn't want to face the risk of missing an early train to the airport and miss the flight since the check-in time was supposed to be 7:30am.

My initial plan was either to hang out at a McDonald's or a Starbucks, and while the airport has those, they weren't open for 24 hours. I was horrified. What happened instead was that I was herded to the seats at a far corner of the airport where a few others were staying overnight too.

I was already at Narita around 10pm, so I had to kill time. Having just finished reading the last 200 pages of Steven Erikson's massive book (1100+ pages!) THE BONEHUNTERS (his Malazan Chronicles and George R R Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire are the only fantasy series I still read) when I was on the train to the airport, I switched to reading a new book, Roger Zelazny's LORD OF LIGHT (fantastic book), and also watching a movie (CLOSED NOTE, starring Erika Sawajiri) on my laptop. I slept at 1 something and woke up around 5. The chairs weren't exactly the most comfortable, but it wasn't that difficult, since I had a pretty Korean girl sleeping a few seats away from me. Hah.

So I flew back on Cathay Pacific, watched two films, SPEED RACER (didn't bother to catch in cinemas) and IRON MAN (won't be out in Tokyo until end of this month). Had a brief stop over at Hong Kong for transit. Wasted my money on their Internet cafe because I forgot that the entire HK International Airport has wi-fi (and I was there only 6 months ago!)

Although I always ask for the window seat whenever I'm flying, just so I can enjoy the view, and so I don't have to sit between people, I realize I've never taken photos of the view outside even though I've flown so many times, so I decided to do it yesterday.

Started snapping photos of Hong Kong once I was about to reach its airport.

Flying past Hong Kong

Flying past Hong Kong 2

Flying past Hong Kong 3

And then, after I was flying again, and after I finished IRON MAN, I was snapping photos of the clouds, because it's not everyday you get to see the clouds beside you, or below you.

View of the clouds from my plane

View of the clouds from my plane 2

And finally, just as I was about to reach KLIA.

Reaching KLIA

It was meant to be the magic hour then, the sun was setting, the red roofs were sort of glowing faintly in gold, but unfortunately, it couldn't be captured well enough with my camera.