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Sunday, April 05, 2009

THAT DAY WE WOKE UP, a short film by Woo Ming Jin

I've actually put aside WOMAN ON FIRE LOOKS FOR WATER in the past two days to finish up my editing on an earlier short film by Ming Jin called THAT DAY WE WOKE UP.

This short film was shot sometime in late January in a span of a few hours at the office of Da Huang Pictures. Ming Jin wrote and directed, Lesly shot the film with his Nikon D90, and the film stars Foo Fei Ling (you've seen her in Tan Chui Mui's short films, A TREE IN TANJUNG MALIM and TO SAY GOODBYE, also the title character in the upcoming WOMAN ON FIRE LOOKS FOR WATER), Jasminatha Teo and Elfie Jane (need her permission to read her blog, no, I don't have it either).

Minus the end credits, running time for the short film's around six minutes. Plot's quite hard to explain, it's like a Raymond Carver short story. Three young women woke up in a car one day, and we try to find out what happened the night before, or not.

Well, that's my pathetic attempt to explain the plot, I'll just throw in some screen captures of the film. I was quite surprised by how good it looked considering the fact that it's really shot with a DSLR camera. In fact, I was so intrigued to know how good the camera was that it was the main reason why I offered to edit the film right after I came back from Tokyo back in January.

In fact, I intend to use the same camera for my own upcoming short EXHALATION, which I hope to shoot next Friday. I'll see how it goes.

Jasminatha Teo in THAT DAY WE WOKE UP
Jasminatha Teo as chain-smoking May

May (Jasminatha Teo) smoking in THAT DAY WE WOKE UP

Elfie Jane as the English-speaking Ally

Ling (Foo Fei Ling) wakes up in THAT DAY WE WOKE UP
Foo Fei Ling as the sleepy Ling

Ling and May conversing in THAT DAY WE WOKE UP

Ling (Foo Fei Ling) contemplates in THAT DAY WE WOKE UP

I actually did the editing when I went back to Tokyo briefly during end of February. It was one of my attempts to familiarize myself with Final Cut Pro. However, I put this film aside after returning to Malaysia and to prepare for the WOMAN ON FIRE shoot. Decided to apply my finishing touches upon this short film when Fei Ling asked me to show it to her last Friday, and I realized that it was time to complete this once and for all.

Not sure where you'll get to catch the short, will keep you posted if there's a screening or something.