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Friday, May 29, 2009

Additional photos from the Sagamiko haikyo adventure

Just to expand upon my previous post about my ruins-exploring adventure at Sagamiko, here are some additional photos.

This is us making our way towards an unknown destination.

Walking to an unknown destination

And finding an empty pipe / generator room.

An empty pipe / generator room

An empty pipe / generator room 2

An empty pipe / generator room 3

But there wasn't anything much, so we left.

Making a hasty exit from the pipe / generator room

The lady friend who accompanied us also had some cool photos... of me.

Like this one, where I, once again, sat upon the throne of Hotel Royal. (Actually, this was the original photo, seeing that it looked so awesome, I asked Lia to take another one with my camera)

Me on the throne of Hotel Royal

Sitting on a sofa outside Hotel Royal

This conversation really occurred when Niklas and I were peering into the seemingly bottomless hole of the last ruin we went to. (the one that was once hotel but then a guest set it on fire, destroying part of the building, and causing the debt-ridden owners to hang themselves in the hotel as well)

Niklas and I checking out a hole

Me: What could be in the hole?

Niklas: Water.

Me: Wait, I see something down there. (leans forward) It's moving. What could it be? I can't make out its shape.

Niklas: It's your reflection, stupid.

Me: Oh.