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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My short film, KINGYO, screening at Fuyajo Cinema Festival (Shinjuku Wald 9) on 5th of June

The Wife (Kudou Amane) is delighted to see the goldfishes
Amane Kudo in KINGYO

An unfinished cut of my 25-minute Japanese short film, KINGYO, will be screened at the Shinjuku Wald 9 for the Fuyajo Cinema Festival (click to their site for more info) on the 5th of June. Fuyajo (不夜城, translated as 'city without night') is an all-night event that runs from 10pm to 6am the next day. It's running on the 5th of June, and then the 6th of June.

Eight film schools and universities from around Tokyo are participating in it, each given a 2-hour slot to showcase their films. KINGYO, being funded by Waseda University, is of course, one of the two representatives of Waseda. The other is 「阿房ウィスキー」 a feature-length film directed by KINGYO assistant director Kawahara. Here's the full schedule of the program.

Ticket is 2000 yen if you buy online, 2500 yen if you buy on the spot. It's not that bad for an 8-hour long event.

The Man (Takao Kawaguchi) is deep in contemplationKINGYO screens at 12am. If you don't intend to sit through the whole festival, at least the film ends before most of the last trains. Besides, instead of the 35-minute running time as listed on the site, my film is, as I've mentioned before, only clocks at 25 minutes. (although it's probably cooler to stick through the entire night!)

I have been talking about KINGYO a lot in my last few posts, so here's a synopsis:

A university professor decides to go for a tour in Akihabara guided by a young woman dressed up like a French maid. As they both walk through the night streets of modern Tokyo, the man and the young woman gradually speak of a past they both share, unveiling a painful love triangle that continues to haunt them. Inspired by a Yasunari Kawabata short story. Starring Luchino Fujisaki ("Hellavator"), performance artist Takao Kawaguchi and Amane Kudo ("Babel", "The Ramen Girl")

If you happen to live in Tokyo, it'll be cool if you come. I'll be around throughout the night with some of the KINGYO crew, available for chit-chatting and other frivolities (outside the theaters, of course! Gotta respect the other filmmakers!). We can discuss about this at the comments section of this post.