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Friday, July 17, 2009

Cure Rubbish, band name or manifesto?

When I walked past the NHK Broadcasting Centerbuilding at Shibuya last Wednesday night, I saw a band setting up for a performance.

There was a sign next to them, and the words 'CURE RUBBISH'.

I figured that was the name of the band (their official site here). I wondered whether it was also a manifesto. Although I'm not exactly sure what one must do when 'curing rubbishes'.

When they started performing, a large crowd of girls had already gathered around them. I think I was the only guy among the audiences.

Based on observation, and snooping around in their sites, CURE RUBBISH is not really an unknown band. One of their songs had already been used for some TV show. Searching around in Youtube yielded some actual music videos of theirs with decent production values.

Since some of you have seen me posting videos of street musicians in Shinjuku (here and here) I feel that this is something slightly different. (well, mostly the audience size during the performance)

The coolest thing is that the guys were also giving out CDs (I took one, why not?), and when they were done, they were already mobbed by their audiences.

I remember that night mostly for a young skinny girl who accompanied the band. As they were setting things up, and performing, she was going around handing out flyers, announcing about the band's performance, running frantically from one spot to the other, directing people over to the band.

I was initially amused, but for an instance, I found her diligence unexplainably touching. Was she the manager? Or an employee? Or a girlfriend? Or a relative of the band? To be working so hard, yet without showing a single sign of weariness at all, just boundless excitement. One can almost forget the tedium of life.