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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She must've felt out of place watching The Galaxy Girls Club

Last Saturday, when I went off to Akihabara to buy some blank DVDs, I happened upon a live event at the Live Park in Akiba (which, to the uninitiated, is not a real park, but the first floor of the Sato Musen electric store, opened earlier this year for numerous mini-concerts and live events, I heard mostly to convince authorities to reopen Akihabara's 'Pedestrian's Paradise' that had been closed since last year's Akihabara Massacre)

The schedule at Live Park in Akiba

It was a few minutes after 4pm, a group of girls were there. They are the Galaxy Girls Club (銀河っ娘クラブ), I assume they were a new group making some promotional appearances.

I didn't find out anything about them until I started writing this post, a few days after seeing the event. In the end the girls posed for photos.

Galaxy Girls Club

I will now try the unenviable feat of trying to name the members of the group. Not an easy task, and most probably inaccurate. You can go check on them yourselves if you want to.

From right to left: Amika アミカ, Rinon リノン, Myuu Myuu ミュウミュウ (easily the best name of them all!), Yumetan ユメタン, Maririn マリリン, Karen カレン, Jyuri ジュリ, Naccheru ナッチェル and the one partially left out of the picture is possibly Hiwarin ヒワリン. I can tell you that I am more than a little comforted to know that the leader of the group, Karen (or rather, I assume she's the leader since she's the one doing most of the talking) is only a year younger than I am. Which makes me feel less old, I guess.

One thing that would later caught my sight is the lone female spectator at the event.

Of course, looking at her bored expression, she could be like, well, me, just a random passerby who stayed around due to curiosity. Or maybe she was the girlfriend/ sister/ babysitter of one of the guys in the crowd dragged into watching this whole affair.

Otherwise, maybe the Galaxy Girls Club had managed to transcend gender barriers by not attracting a 100% male crowd (but a 99% one instead).