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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The view of Shinjuku twilight from the top of Takashimaya

Despite having gone countless times to the Takashimaya in Shinjuku, I have never really bothered to go to the top few floors because I thought there aren't anything there but restaurants. So when an acquaintance from Malaysia came and I was showing him around, we went up and I was surprised by what I saw.

There was a nice garden for people to take walks.

White Garden at Takashimaya

A cafe on the top of Takashimaya

The view from the top is really nice.

twilight in shinjuku

shinjuku and the darkening sky

The Marui building and the bustling traffic

Amorous couple watching the Shinjuku scenery

Docomo tower

Shinjuku cityscape

Night falling over Shinjuku

Shinjuku traffic at night

This is the smoking area.

The smoking area at Takashimaya

After that I went back into the Takashimaya building and made my way downstairs.

The 14th floor of Takashimaya

The 14th floor of Takashimaya 2>

We went past Kabuki-cho.

People sleeping at Kabuki-cho

By then the moon had came out.

Full moon over Shinjuku

I saw a sad-faced girl standing by herself and wondered what was going on, so I took a photo of her from the distance. The others seemed to pass her by in a blur.

girl waiting for her boyfriend

A guy arrived just moments later and her face lit up happily in joy.