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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Demonstration in front of Hongik University on Korean Liberation Day

Went to the Hongdae area again yesterday for the Seoul Fringe Festival. I'll post up videos of some of the nicer singing performances I saw when I return from Seoul (Youtube has disabled commenting and video uploading for Korean users).

It was the Korean Liberation Day, and I thought I saw a demonstration in front of the Hongik University. In this video, you'll see me posing handsomely around the 40-second mark.

I wasn't exactly sure whether it was a demonstration, or, you know, an opposite of a demonstration. A patriotic, nationalistic celebration for Liberation Day?

There was definitely some Liberation Day celebration thing going on at the courtyard of Hongik University.

But when twilight came, I was sure there was a demonstration going on. To see the demonstrators and liberation day celebration happening at the same place was interesting.

Demonstration against Media Block in front of Hongik University

Protesters demonstrating!

Demonstration against some policy

Speakers leading the rally

We asked a guy and heard that the demonstration had something to do with some media block policy. I wonder whether that's related to the real-name verification law thing that caused Youtube to disable all its features from Korean users.

Massive rallying!

Girl wearing Korean flag

Protesters of all ages

I saw a news crew too.