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Friday, August 14, 2009

KOFIC Tour, Korean BBQ and the awesome Hongdae area

Me drinking Pepsi

Yesterday was my second day in Seoul. I managed to eat some delicious Korean BBQ for dinner.

But the day began Mr Oh, the technician who helps us with the Digital Intermediate work with Kingyo, giving us a nice little tour around the KOFIC.

In the afternoon, we headed back to the service apartment to do some preparations for the footage that we were to bring to the lab the following day. Sandy drove us home, and I saw a cool-looking sculptor statue.

Lots of hassle putting the opening titles, but educational experience.

At night, after numerous recommendations from Sandy and Mr Oh, we headed to the Hongik University ("Hongdae") area for dinner. The place is known for its numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants.

We found a cool BBQ restaurant.

Korean BBQ restaurant

Authentic Korean BBQ restaurant

Ming Jin at Korean BBQ restaurant

Me at Korean BBQ restaurant

Luckily for us, the waitress, Yang Lu Yu, is from China, so at least I could tell her what I wanted. Communication in restaurants was a problem.

This is her serving us the beef we ordered.

We had some pork skin too.

After that we explored around the Hongdae area.

Roadside stalls in Seoul

I like the place, will be returning to it during the weekend, heh.