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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Visiting Namdaemun Market and Insadong on my last day in Seoul

Eating blissfully

22nd of August. Saturday. My last day in Seoul. Decided to do some sightseeing instead of catching some films at CINDI.

The first place I went to was the Namdaemun market, which reminded me of Petaling Street.

Sadly, the historic gate of Namdaemun had been destroyed by arson last year. All I could see was this.

Nandaemun is no more

Hopefully the gate will be restored to its former glory.

As for the Namdaemun market, this is me giving out a dramatic cry of manliness.

Dramatic cry of manliness at the Nandaemun market

I tried some food.

Once again, like this cinnamon pancake thingie.

Eating blissfully

And dumplings.

Nice jiaozi

I then went to Insadong. A place well known for its cafes, art galleries, antique shops etc.

When I arrived at Insadong, there was a demonstration by activists to help North Korean refugees. I wondered whether the girl in the North Korean soldier uniform was really a North Korean.

"Help the North Koreans refugees!"

I wondered whether the girl was really a North Korean

Insadong's crowded with people.

Insandong is crowded

I noticed a little girl in pink who hugged her mom happily and excitedly when the mom tried playing one of the ocarinas for sale. But they then went on to look at other stuff. Too bad I couldn't capture the earlier image with my camera.

Mother and daughter shopping at Insandong

I then headed to the Insadong Arcade (or rather, that's what I think it's called) for, er, some emergency that involved my bowels.

More of Insadong Arcade

The Insadong Arcade is pretty surreal

People walking up the Insadong Arcade

Here's me, trapped in a photo.

Trapped in a photo frame

After that I headed to Hongdae again, there was the flea market going on at the park, and I wanted to visit this artist who could draw some kickass portraits. I wanted to have an awesome portrait done for myself.

I first saw the artist a week earlier, I wanted her to do a portrait of me then, but she was closing. I was disappointed.

When I was there, she was drawing this restless little child.

Cute little girl's bored when having her portrait done

Little girl doesn't want to have her portrait done

Unfortunately for me, when the artist was done with the little girl, she rejected me... again cos the child was supposed to be her last customer for the day (even though she recognized me, and was genuinely surprised to see me really visiting her one week after the first rejection). As cute and pedolicious the child was, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of resentment towards her.

Ming Jin then suggested a film idea of a man who decided to stalk a painter after getting rejected by her in two consecutive weeks, I might just do it... making the film, I mean, not the stalking.