Arriving at the Venice Film Festival

Yup, I'm in Venice now. Screening of Kingyo is only 5 hours away. I'm a little excited.

Took a lot of videos yesterday, but alas, not that many photos. Will post videos when I return to Tokyo.

Here are some photos of me, Maiko the Producer and Rinto the Technical Producer / Postproduction Technician in the water taxi from the airport to Venice's Lido, where the film festival is held.

Maiko in the water taxi

Linto in the water taxi

Me in the water taxi

We arrived at the festival just when there was a 3D screening of UP. Saw Carl and Russell (from UP) and I think I caught a glimpse of John Lasseter, Pete Docter and Brad Bird. (they were all supposed to receive Lifetime Achievement Awards from the festival) I caught that on video too, will upload some other time.

Venice Film Fest

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