KINGYO screening tonight at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2009

The Maid (Rukino Fujisaki) working

Don't think I've mentioned this before, but there's a screening of KINGYO tonight (and the 23rd) at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival as part of the Asian Shorts 3 program. You can read about it here.

This month, KINGYO is supposed to be screening at 2 festivals, the one in Hong Kong, and also at the Cinemanila International Film Festival. Although I'm not too sure about the latter as KINGYO was a last-minute addition. But I think both my films, KINGYO and LOVE SUICIDES (which was selected much earlier and has a film page) were screened at Cinemanila two days ago.

WOMAN ON FIRE LOOKS FOR WATER, the feature film I produced and edited, is also playing at both festivals. (check out its Hong Kong Asian Film Fest page, and the Cinemanila one)