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Thursday, November 26, 2009


25th to 26th of November. That was the deadline I gave myself to finish my latest film THE WHITE FLOWER. Since KINGYO, I haven't had a film that had such a long post-production, and to think that KINGYO was only 6 months ago. So I've reached the final stages of tweaking the film before doing my first batch of preview screeners for the film.

Luckily for me, as everything was winding down, I find myself being able to sleep properly again. (as in, at my normal sleeping time of 4-5am, unlike the past few weeks where I could only sleep AFTER breakfast, and when the sky's already bright)

I've mentioned before that my key collaborators during the post-production period are Niklas the Cinematographer, who returned to Finland after the shoot, and my old pal Woan Foong the composer, who is now based in US. The film's pretty much worked upon by people in three different continents!

From the WHITE FLOWER shoot
THE WHITE FLOWER shoot in end of July... no, I wasn't peeking

What's left with the film was 1) colour correction (which I swiftly did in a few hours last night) and 2) some missing photos for some scenes that needed some re-shoots.

Over on MSN, I quickly described to Niklas the type of shots I probably needed to insert into the film. And after that... well, Niklas summed up our process accurately:

this is fucking information age workflow, 7000km distance, brainstorm on msn, shoot straight away, download, adjust, upload to server, download on the other side of the world, insert into movie, all in a few hours. this would have taken a week 10 years ago

So now I've just downloaded the photos he had shot and looked at them. Those that work I will insert into the film tomorrow morning when I return to the editing studio. Things are looking good.

The end is near.

(I'm also lucky that Japanese internet connection is so insanely fast. If this is Streamyx, the whole process will probably take longer than a week too. And only if I'm lucky.)