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Friday, November 13, 2009

Waseda Weekly Magazine (12th of November, 2009)

There's a profile of Maiko the Producer and I on Waseda Weekly magazine that came out today (actually, yesterday, since it's 2am now).

Cover of Waseda Weekly (12th of Nov, 2009)

The article is mostly about our personal backgrounds and KINGYO. Some stuff about how I met Maiko the Producer by random last year, and due to our shared tastes in films and literature, how we ended up making KINGYO together. Then there's also the reception for KINGYO we had at the Venice Film Festival.

Article about me and Maiko the Producer

A better view of the photo from the article:

With Maiko the Producer (Waseda Weekly photoshoot)

A couple of people who had seen the photo remarked that Maiko should be standing in front instead of me since I made her look even tinier.