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Thursday, December 31, 2009

EXHALATION shoot day 3

Last night, I shot the remaining scenes for my new film EXHALATION.

This is lead actress Kiki Sugino in her uniform (in the film she works in a Pachinko shop).

Kiki in her Pachinko worker uniform

It was fitting, and also entirely what I hoped for, to leave the ending as the last scene for the shoot. (although most film shoots are shot out of sequences, I generally prefer to leave the ending for the last).

So here's me, Torigoe the Sound Guy, Maiko the Producer, Kiki, setting up for the scene. Hayasaka the Cinematographer were off to get a different lens for the film.

I provided two options for the cast and crew: Either to do the scene with two different cuts, or go for a bravura long single take. They all opted for the latter. I was happy.

Last scene of the shoot

(It was the last day, and the scenes I shot were quite few, so didn't manage to take any more photos)

I have already checked the rushes after the shoot. Not going to make any pompous declarations, but I don't think the film will suck. :D