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Friday, December 25, 2009

KINGYO reunion party

Yes, it's Christmas, but let me post some long overdue blog entries for now.

The KINGYO team had a reunion party on the 15th of December, right after the CON-CAN Award Ceremony.

Actually, it's more like a 'wrap party' instead of a 'reunion party'. Although we finished the shoot for KINGYO almost a year earlier (principal photography was done by the end of January 2009), none of us had the chance to really had a 'wrap party'. None of us were able to be at the same city at the same time, so it was great to finally have something like that.

Here's part of the team.

Part of the KINGYO team here
(from left to right: me, Kawamura-san who borrowed us his house for the shoot, still photographer Zhang Xiaolei, production assistant Seki, lead actress Luchino, production assistant An-chan, Lia the Artist/ Assistant director, Maiko the producer and Linto the post-production technician)

Yup, I was holding the trophy fan that CON-CAN Movie Festival gave me.

Slavek the composer and me (holding my CON-CAN Movie festival trophy)
With Slavek the composer (he also did the music for my upcoming short, AFTERNOON RIVER, EVENING SKY)

Don't think there'll be any more photos of me posing with the fan though since I've placed it (along with my other trophies) in the university lab for display.

And here's Takao Kawaguchi and Amane Kudo, who played the doomed husband and wife in KINGYO. Not so doomed here, happily.

Kingyo's doomed husband and wife: Takao Kawaguchi and Amane Kudo

Takao had never seen KINGYO prior to the screening that day as he had been busy touring around the world for his performances most of the year. He was actually in Venice during the Venice Film Festival in September, like most of us, but he also had a performance there. Good that he had finally seen the film!

Didn't really take that many photos that day because I was busy, ah, eating. But here are some videos.

(Click here if you can't see embedded video)

(Click here if you can't see embedded video)

Before the toast, I said that I was happy to be there with everyone again, and what a film we had a made together, and what a nice journey it had been going through in the festival circuits. In fact, I was going to head off to Shenzhen's China Mobile Film Festival the following day where KINGYO was in competition (... along with my often-overlooked short, LOVE SUICIDES) too. So hopefully we would have more parties and gatherings of this sort again.

The next morning I headed off to Shenzhen.

(KINGYO trailer. Click here if you can't see embedded video)