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Monday, January 04, 2010

Ana Hachiman-gu Shrine in Waseda

I've spent a rather quiet and adventure-free New Year that was a direct contrast of the one I had last year (videos here and here).

But the New Year is a 3-day celebration in Japan, and what I like most are the shrines and temples that are set up with stalls selling food and goods during the period. And then the many people hanging around. Some would have their fortunes told, some would buy good luck charms, some were there for the food, I was traveling alone in Kobe when I ventured around in a temple, seeing the crowd made me feel a little less lonely.

Yesterday was the last day of the celebration, I slightly regret not heading off to one of the bigger shrines in Tokyo like Senso-ji or Meijijingu to snap some photos. However, I needed the rest after I finished the last 2 months of 2009 in such an exhausting manner, and also because I wanted to prepare myself for the post-production of my new film. So instead of going too far, I went to the Ana Hachiman-gu 穴八幡宮 Shrine near my place.

Ana hachiman-gu shrine

It was around six. Just as I've expected, there were some stalls.

stalls set up in front of the ana hachiman-gu

I walked through the stalls, more than half of them were closed. I was wondering whether I was there too early.

And that's the main building.

Main building of Ana Hachiman Gu Shrine

I went back to the stalls.

People at the stalls of Ana Hachiman-gu Shrine

And picked myself some takoyaki, it was pretty good.

As I was eating, I noticed in horror that most of the stalls were cleaning up and closing.

"That's it?" Was what I would've said if I weren't alone then. I had expected to take more photos, but in the end I tossed the empty takoyaki box into a nearby trashbag and left.