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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese New Year Eve 2010

Heya folks and Happy Chinese New Year.

It's been a while since my last update due to the slow internet connection (I feel demotivated), the sudden malfunctioning of my camera (couldn't open its lens suddenly on the second day of Chinese New Year, when I was in Ipoh), and mostly because I was busy preparing for this new film with Ming Jin that I'm producing (and editing).

Did anyone miss me? Guess not.

Anyway, I'll start it off by sharing with you all photos from the Chinese New Year Eve (13th of Feb).

In the afternoon that day, I headed off to the B & BEST RESTAURANT in SS3.

B & Best Restaurant

Inside B & Best restaurant

The place is known for its fishball noodles, which is my dad's favourite.

Dad eating fishball noodles

fishball noodles

The restaurant owner likes to put up photos of him with different sorts of gargantuan fishes too.

Owner of B & Best restaurant with big fish

Actually aside from having lunch there, dad wanted to buy some fishballs home for the Family Reunion Dinner.

After lunch, we headed off to a nice roadside cendol stall for some dessert.

Roadside cendol stall from afar

Roadside cendol stall

Nice cendol

It was unsurprisingly delicious.

During the evening, my friend Kai Fai came over for the Family Reunion Dinner. He's considered part of the family and comes for our Family Reunion Dinners every year.

As usual, we had 'steamboat' (Malaysian/ Singapore version of Hot Pot) for dinner.

Family + Kai Fai = Family Reunion dinner 2010


Everyone eating merrily

Fried tofu, tofu skin, etc.

Lavish abalone

Dishes for steamboat

everyone in action during family reunion dinner 2010

It's been two years since we last had our Chinese New Year Eve dinner at home (we went to a steamboat restaurant in previous years) The steamboat heater isn't working particularly well though, think it's time to buy a new one.

At eleven something at night. We lit up incense in the praying room.

Prayer room in my house

Prayer room in my house 2

So yeah, that's how I celebrated the beginning of Chinese New Year. Without fanfare, without anything big, just usual family warmth. All my life I've never actually missed a single one (Chinese New Year usually happens when I'm back from overseas)

After that I went to watch Jacques Audiard's The Prophet on DVD, not exactly the best film to watch on Chinese New Year, probably explains why I didn't seem to enjoy it too much. Thought it was decent, but maybe I was in a better mood for a comedy then.

So, where did you guys have your dinner on Chinese New Year Eve?