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Saturday, March 27, 2010

More photos of Bratislava

24th of May. Wednesday. Went off for a walk in the Old Town area to buy some souvenirs for friends.

Walking around Bratislava


Bratislava buildings

Cafes at the street

Looks like the town center

Heroic statue

While buying souvenirs, I noticed that many of them had pictures of a particular statue of a dude peeking out from the manhole. I didn't know what it was, and it didn't look that good, so I stuck with buying souvenirs (keychains, cups, trinkets etc.) with pictures of Bratislava Castle.

Then I exited the souvenir shop, walked for a while, and managed to see the Cumil statue myself!

CUMIL (The Watcher) aka the famous "Man At Work" statue

Night came. Time for dinner.

The group of us were heading off to the restaurant, but then me and Laura from Luxembourg were so busy trying to snap photos of both this statue and the moon that we lost the group.

moonlight and statue

After being lost, I made jokes about our situation being similar to the characters in the film HOSTEL (forgetting until two days later that the film was indeed set in Slovakia!) Maybe that prompted Laura to make the decision of taking the taxi.

So we did (got ripped off by the taxi driver) and ended up in front of the Three Musketeers restaurant.

"three musketeers" restaurant

Inside 3 musketeers restaurant

People chatting and eating in 3 Musketeers restaurant

That's Laura.

Laura from Luxembourg

Was totally stuffed after the food.

The food in 3 Musketeers restaurant

Left the restaurant.

Outside 3 Musketeers restaurant

Walked past the statues again. Realized that I didn't have to take photos of them when on the way to restaurant. And if I hadn't been taking photos of them then, I wouldn't have lost the group, and then I wouldn't have to take the taxi to the restaurant! :(

Statue bathing in moonlight

Statue bathing in moonlight 2

A clock tower

Today's my last day in Bratislava. There'll be more photos soon.