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Monday, March 22, 2010

Photos of Bratislava at night

After posting my last blog entry, I noticed that the sky had gone dark. It was half past six, a bus was to take me to dinner at 8:30pm, plenty of time for a walk, and so I exited the hotel.

The Bratislava Castle looked really nice at night.

Bratislava castle at night

This is the Novy Most bridge, with the UFO restaurant in the background. It is said to be one of the most famous modern landmarks of Bratislava.

Novy Most bridge

Rows of benches

Night street of Bratislava

Incoming train

I liked the trams.

Then I continued walking down the Old Town area, where my hotel is in, hoping to find a convenience store.

Water and light

There were a number of statues around.

Statue of dude with a monkey

Statue of dude with monkey 2

Statue of woman with deer

Even a statue of a paparazzi, outside a restaurant/bar called Paparazzi.

Statue of Paparazzo

A dude was performing beside McDonald's.

Street performer in Bratislava