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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Road trip in Slovakia. Adieu.

Time for me to upload the rest of the photos I took while I was in Bratislava (check out the earlier Bratislava blog posts and photos here). I was waiting to do this only when I was able to edit together the video I took on that particular day.

27th of March. Last day there. Many people from the workshop had already left. I had lunch with Fabienne (of France) and Elaine (of Ireland) in a nearby pub. The food was yummy.

Having lunch with Fabienne and Elaine

After that, Anita picked us up in her car and took us for an afternoon tour. The road trip commenced.

Slovakian scenery

Houses in Slovakia

Anita took us to the Mango Cafe, it's one of her favourite hangout places.

Mango Cafe

I was amused by the sight of palm trees in the middle of an industrial area.

Palm trees in Slovakia???

We had some drinks in the cafe while being engaged in intellectual discourses about life.

Inside Mango Cafe


Anita in Mango Cafe


Elaine in Mango Cafe


Fabienne in Mango Cafe

The gentle waves of the lake filled the air as we left the cafe and headed for another destination.

The lake by Mango Cafe

Park Kormoran.

Entering Park Kormoran

Walking in the park

Walking in the park

Standing by the sea

Standing by the sea

Picturesque view

Elaine, Fabienne and Anita, viewing the scenery

Tiny chihuahua

Park Kormoran

We passed by an old abandoned church. I vaguely remember Anita saying that it was nearly a thousand years old.

An old Slovakian church

Walking around the abandoned chuch in Slovakia

Viewing the church

Leaving the church

The tour ended during the sunset.

Sunset in Bratislava

Anita drove us home, she had to prepare for a TV shoot the following morning.

In the evening, we prepared to head off for dinner.

Here's Simon the French animator.

With Simon the French animator

We were led to the Accademia del Gusto Italiano, obviously an Italian restaurant.

Accademia del Gusto Italiano

The restaurant was ran entirely by the elderly woman above, who took orders and did all the cooking by herself.

Dinner in Accademia del Gusto Italiano

Food were yummy. But then, I was already starving.

Delicious pasta

Yummy dessert

Dinner ended late at night. We took one last stroll through the streets of Bratislava, taking in the sight of its quirky statues...

Not Simon.

Simon looking scary

A French army soldier who kinda looked like Napoleon. Here is its legend taken from this site:

There is also the French army soldier, looking like Napoleon himself, leaning on a bench right on the historical Main Square (Hlavne namestie). Napoleon’s armies attacked Bratislava twice and Napoleon himself has visited the city in 1809. The legend says, that a wounded French soldier called Hubert fell in love with a nurse from Bratislava, decided to live here and started to produce a sparkling wine based on the French tradition. Hubert is now the name of the most famous Sparkling wine in Slovakia.

Also the statue of Schoener Naci (Beautiful Ignaz), an elegant symbol of the city life of the early 20th century, is greeting people walking down Rybarska brana street. The legend says he had lost his mind because of an unrequited love. Although he was very poor, he was walking the streets in Bratislava always well dressed for almost 40 years. The townies used you give him some food and he was, in return, giving flowers to the ladies passing by.

Fabienne with statue of Schoener Naci (Beautiful Ignaz)

We returned to our hotel.

28th of March. I left Bratislava.

Farewell, Bratislava

Wish I'll be able to come back again to explore the place more.