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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Welcome party (and cherry blossoms) in Toho Studios

I'm going to elaborate upon the previous post.

Yesterday, a welcome party was held for the new students of the film department I'm in. Some were doing their Masters, some for their PHD (it's a new course that started this semester). We first went to Professor Ando's house.

Ando-sensei's house

He was waiting with us with food and drinks (prepared by his wife).

Professor Ando waiting

The old and new students of the lab mingled. First they introduced themselves.

Old and new members of the film lab

Self-introduction begins

Yoshida, Ko-san, Teng Fei

This is Wen Xin, she's from Taiwan but had been teaching film in Singapore. She's going to start doing her PHD.

Wen Xin

That's my friend Mahmoud from Tunisia. I told him to join the lab since he was having some difficulties in his previous university. After more than a year of painstaking applications, procedures and all sorts of stuff with the bureaucracy, he's finally part of the film lab.


New students introducing themselves

Here's Motomura-sensei. I think this is a pretty good pic of him.


Then we dined a little.

Fruits in Ando-sensei's house

Nice food in Ando-sensei's house

Ko-san (last appeared here) enjoyed the food.


Then I made my way to the Toho Studios.

A path through the cherry blossoms

Touching a cherry blossom flower

Sakura reflections

And once again, the Toho Studio cafeteria.

Viewing the cherry blossoms from Toho Studio cafetaria

Outside the cafeteria.

Cherry blossoms of Toho Studios

Dining under cherry blossoms

We had our welcome dinner in a room.

Welcome dinner

Overexposed group photo in Toho cafetaria

Some people were introspective moods, perhaps they noticed the passage of time.

K. K. is introspective

Zifeng ponders


Teng Fei eats

(I personally think that the above picture of Teng Fei looks like a film poster)

One of the new girls was in Singapore for vacation, and gave me a Merlion cookie. A Japanese, handing me a cookie of my birthplace, what are the odds?

Merlion cookie

I then went out to take photos of the cherry blossoms again.

Cherry blossom in Toho Studio

Cherry blossoms filling the air

Cherry blossoms over the river by Toho Studio

Sunaoka and Takahashi

Reflections of cherry blossoms in the night