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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cannes Day 7: Pretty uneventful aside from the Directors' Fortnight Party

Nothing happened on my 7th day in Cannes. That was the 20th of May, just a day before our press conference and screening. We continued going around giving out invitations to friends and people who were interested in catching THE TIGER FACTORY.

After that we bumped into Lee, editor of Apichatpong Weerasethakul's eventual Palm D'or winning 'UNCLE BOONME WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES', and the actress Wallapa (who played the princess in the film). We went off to have some kebab. Lee gave us tickets to the Uncle Boonme gala screening too, awesome!

At that time, Ming Jin's wife Tomoko and her friend Mayuko (who came all the way from the States to join us for the Cannes trip) had gone off for shopping. So went they were told that we had kebab, they wanted to have kebab too, so we went back for our second trip to a kebab stall. I was originally going to lead them back to where we went, but my non-existent sense of direction (unfortunately inherited from my dad), caused me to bring them to a... different kebab stall.

We agreed that the kebab there was better though.

Kebab stall in Cannes

Kebab stall in Cannes 2


We didn't do much that day. Wanted to catch a film in the evening, but missed it.

While in Cannes, Marion Cotillard's Dior advertisement could be seen everywhere. This new "Lady Blue" campaign is followed by a short film directed by David Lynch (!!!).

Marion Cotillard in Lady Dior advertisement

It was a highly inspiring ad.

Ming Jin and Tomoko imitating the Dior ad

Ming Jin and Tomoko imitating the Dior ad 2

After the sunset around 9pm, we headed to the Directors's Fortnight party held at the Club Quinzaine, at the Palais Stephanie hotel. From Club Quinzaine, I could get a good view of the Grand Hotel.

Grand Hotel in Cannes

Yuiko the assistant producer.

Yuiko in front of Grand Hotel

Scenery from Club Quinzaine

Fooi Mun and Yuiko

Ming Jin, Fooi Mun, Yuiko and Tomoko

Me, Fooi mun, Yuiko and Tomoko

Mayuko, Tomoko, Fooi Mun and Yuiko

Ming Jin, Fooi Mun, Jeremy and I

The photographer who came to take photos of us had an assistant carrying a flash lamp.

Photographer with assistant holding a light

Photographer with assistant holding a light 2

More of the lead actress Fooi Mun, because prior to the trip she had asked me to take more photos of her.

Fooi Mun on top of Cannes

Fooi Mun, on top of cannes, again!

Unnecessarily artistic shot of her that failed.

Wannabe artistic short of Fooi Mun on top of Cannes