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Monday, June 14, 2010

VIDEO: Talking about my new short, INHALATION at THE TIGER FACTORY press conference at Cannes Film Festival

Had been shutting myself away from the rest of the world working on a new film treatment.

Then, my comp died.

I ended up doing the writing at Saizerya (a Japanese "family restaurant" similar to Denny's) in the past few hours.

Will continue writing that.

But for now, take a look at a video from THE TIGER FACTORY press conference at the Cannes Film Festival on the 21st of May, 2001, just before its official screening. Jeremy Segay moderated the Q and A, those present were Ming Jin (the producer-writer-director), me (the producer-writer-editor) and Moon Lai (or Fooi Mun, the lead actress).

THE TIGER FACTORY press conference

You will hear me, speaking for the first time, the latest short film I made called INHALATION, which is a companion piece, or spin-off, of THE TIGER FACTORY, following the story of one of the feature film's supporting characters, Mei (played by Susan Lee Fong Zhi). The short film also stars Ernest Chong Shun Yuan ("Woman On Fire Looks For Water"). Here's a still.

[INHALATION] Seng (Ernest Chong) and Mei (Susan Lee) share a quiet moment at the dock>

The short wasn't completed in time for Cannes Film Fest, but will be making its premiere in some other film festivals soon, either as a standalone short, or as a companion piece playing before THE TIGER FACTORY.

There's also Ming Jin talking about working with our lead actress Moon Lai (Fooi Mun).

In case you haven't seen it. Here is the trailer of THE TIGER FACTORY.