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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Q and A session after the LOVE SUICIDES screening at Fuji TV, Odaiba

On Sunday (25th of July, just a day after the opening of the Skip City Film Fest mentioned in my previous post), I headed off to the Fuji TV headquarters in Odaiba for a screening of LOVE SUICIDES. It was part of the SF7 program. SF stands for 'Student Films', seven universities participated, hence the '7'.

SF7 poster

After the screening there was a Q and A panel with 3 guests, influential film critic Tadao Sato, director Eiichiro Hasumi ("Umizaki" series, "Oppai Volleyball") TV and film producer Hirotsugi Usui ("Amalfi", "Umizaru" series, "Suspect X" etc). Aside from my answers, most of the video is in Japanese. Labmate Stephen was my translator.

Few hours later, we returned on stage to take a group photo.

Heading onstage for a group of SF7, Odaiba

SF7 group photo 1

SF7 group photo 2

We had a party after that.

Another toast.

video link

With Ishizaka-san of the Tokyo Film Fest, and the emcee lady.

With Ishizaka-san and the emcee lady

With Yuki Tange, director of the experimental short A AN. Her stuff was very avant-garde, it was a 5-min stop-motion animation short using the remains of dead insects, very nice.

With Yuki Tange, director of A AN