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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sumptuous feast and fun party during last day of Brignogan workshop

24th of June, last day of the workshop in Brignogan. After the session ended, I was interviewed by a local paper! (Orsi of Hungary, served as translator)

Me being interviewed in Brignogan

Me pretending to think hard after a question

Lorena of Mexico got interviewed too.

Lorena being interviewed

Finished with the interviews, we headed out to take a group photo. I snapped some shots while the photographer was setting things up.

Group photo in Brignogan

Group photo in Brignogan 2
(from left to right: the five tutors = Franz, Anita, Marietta, Gino and Antoine)

Group photo in Brignogan 3

Group photo in Brignogan 4

The crowd dispersed after the photo was taken.

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The journalist guy needed to take a photo of the people he had interviewed, I asked him to take one with my camera too.

Alvaro, Lorena, Alessandro, Aldrina and me
From left to right: Alvaro of Spain, Lorena of Mexico, Alessandro of Italy, Aldrina of Venezuela, and me. We're an international bunch.

We then headed off for dinner.

The weather was pretty good.

Nice weather in Brignogan

Happy about the nice weather in Brignogan

We dined by the sea. Delicious mussels.

Having dinner at the Brignogan beach

Chatting and eating at the Brignogan beach

Having dinner at the Brignogan beach 2

Dining and chatting. Eva (she's one of my favourite Singaporean filmmakers!) and Alessandro discussing some script stuff.

Eva and Alessandro

With Alvaro.

Me and Alvaro

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We then headed off to the Tutor's MANSION. It was close to 10pm, the sun was setting.

Heading to the Tutors' Mansion

Heading to the Tutors' Mansion 2

Swaying grass bathed in golden sunlight

Swaying grass bathed in golden sunlight 2

Eva took some of the last photos. That's why she's one of my favouritest Singaporean filmmakers.

The mansion.

The tutor's mansion

Laura (Italy's), Savina, and Savina's daughter
(from left to right: Laura from Italy, Savina, also from Italy and the head of the workshop, and her daughter)

Laura of Luxembourg
(Long-time friend Laura of Luxembourg, we differentiate her and the previous Laura by pronouncing their names differently. This Laura sounds like your normal Laura, while Italy's Laura sounds more like Lah-oo-rah.)

At that time, Japan was playing Denmark.

Watching the Japan - Denmark match

My yellow brothers of Japan ended up winning 3-1. It was a joyous moment.

Me at the closing party in Brignogan

Then the party started.

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