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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hamburg snapshots

Before I launch into my barrage of photos from the Pusan Film Fest, I'm going to post up some photos I took in Hamburg during my time there on 1st-5th Oct.

On the night that I arrived, I immediately headed off to catch a Turkish film called TALES FROM KARS.

And then, on the 2nd of Oct, I headed off to David Tremlett's Drawing Room Exhibition at the Hamburg Kunsthalle.

That's its cafe, and the entrance hall.

Cafe at Kunsthalle Hamburg

Light bulbs at the entrance hall of Kunsthalle Hamburg

Entrance hall of Kunsthalle Hamburg

Didn't dare to take any photos from the exhibition though. But here's me, outside the museum. I managed to buy a book about Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija's show RETROSPECTIVE (TOMORROW IS ANOTHER FINE DAY), a segment of the book was written by Bruce Sterling, which caught my attention. (... and the fact that it was sold for 2 euros too...)

in front of Kunsthalle Hamburg

At night I headed off to dinner.

... with The Honorary Consul General of Malaysia, Datuk Edgar Nordmaan and his wife. They sponsored my air ticket to Hamburg, I'm immensely grateful. Mrs. Nordmaan's from Malaysia, so we had a lot to talk about, haha.

With Datuk Edgar Nordmaan, Honorary Consul General of Malaysia, and his wife the Datin

I then met the two filmmakers of the documentary THREE STORIES OF GALICIA.

Sarah Farhat from Lebanon.

With filmmaker Sarah Farhat

Olha Onyshko from Ukraine.

With filmmaker Olha Onyshko

They're both based in US now. Being documentarians, and that there is a possibility that one of my (many) future projects could be a documentary, we had a nice discussion about cultural identity, being global nomads/ 3rd culture kids, whether cultural barriers is an illusion, and whether the rapidly developing world that blurs these boundaries could result in the losses of tradition, culture and history, and whether clinging on too tightly to the aforementioned three would, in the end, turn them all into mere caricatures. Fun.

Well, more photos, soon.